Cleaning&Sanification Protocol

La Rosa dei 4 Venti applies an enhanced Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitation protocol to ensure a satisfactory and safe standard of hygiene to all areas of the environment.
Our Cleaning Staff strictly follow the protocol and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE): apron, protective masks and gloves.

Cleaning & Disinfection
The process removes visual dirt and contamination and reduces the number of microorganisms to a level at which they do not present any risk.
We make use of professional cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, steam-cleaning machines) and sanitizing detergents based on essential oils that are not harmful to health and environment.

After the cleaning, we treat indoor spaces with a professional Ozone Generator (Ozono EcoSystem AIR 3G approved by the Italian Ministry of Health) for the purification and sterilization of all environments to eliminate bacteria, molds, fungus, spores and viruses.