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Retreats & Events

Calendar 2022-23-24

Calendar 2022

March 19-26
Constanze Lullies GmbH

March 26-April 2
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz

April 2-9
Private Retreat

April 9-16
Meredith Cameron Yoga

April 16-22
Anna Ananda der Anna Posch

April 23-30
Matthew Giordano

April 30-May 7
AnnaKathryn Carlson Yoga

May 7-13

May 14-21
Jurian Hughes & David Wallace

May 21-27
Yogaloft – Michael & Lina Thurnerr-Baggenstos

May 28-June 4
Lyne St-Roch Studios

June 4-10
YOGASITZ Luzern – Simone Zweifel

June 11-18
True Nature Yoga and Wellness for Nicki Doane

June 18-25
Marie Daphne Roy/Yoga Bhavana & Helene Doucet-Beauprè/Espace Metta

June 27-July 2
Cornelia Mainetti – Yoga Acht

July 2-9
Jean Claude Rawady

July 9-16
Lisa Messina & Morgan Cowie

July 16-23
Jacqueline Godfrey for Mokshala Yoga Limited (Yoga & Meditation Center)

July 23-30
Aliya Sorgen

30 July-August 6
Margherita Dal Prà

August 6-13
Silke Schäfer GmbH – Astrology, Wisdom Teaching and Meditation Retreat

August 13-20
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz

August 20-27
Dr. Sandra-Luisa Moschner & Katja Schoneberndt

August 27-September 3
Heartfusion Liechtenstein – Marisa Foser

September 3-10
Silke Moenchmeier for Get in Balance Yoga

September 10-17
Dr. Vroni Fischer, MBA & Brunhilde Kerschbaumer

September 17-24
Veronique Aonzo for Eudaimonia Retreat

September 24-October 1
Anchorage Yoga LLC – Katherine Inman

October 1-8
Life Changing Yoga Retreat mit Karin Sole – Power Yoga Austria

October 8-15
Diana Perez & Linda Marchand

October 15-22
Tama Soble for Esther Myers Studio

October 22-29
Kava Yoga LCC for Cindy Zackney

October 29-November 5
Susan Anthony & Sarah Butler

November 5-12
Jody Cross – Epona Retreats

November 12-19
Donna Williams for Emergencyoga

November 19-26
Madeira Giacci

November 27-December 3
Impact Yoga  – Kirsten van den Akker

Calendar 2023

March 18-25
Constanze Lullies GmbH

April 15-22
Jessica Chin Yoga

April 22-29
Caya Retreats – Chelsea Fleming

April 29-May 6
Laura Le Feuvre & Bertie Jesson

May 6-13
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz – 1st Week

May 13-20
Elisa Magni – Yogando Retreats

May 20-27
Destination Yoga for Zoe Knott

May 27-June 3
Sara Blumenkranz & Andrea Lodico NY

June 3-9
YOGASITZ Luzern – Simone Zweifel

June 10-17
Tanja Plambeck

June 17-24
Tamara James for Yogaphysio

June 24-July 1
Marie Daphne Roy/Yoga Bhavana & Helene Doucet-Beauprè/Espace Metta

July 1-8
Love Yoga Venice

July 8-15
Destination Yoga for Laura Gate Eastley

July 15-22
Melissa Dhalia Ghattas

July 22-29
Andrea Kwiatkowski for Santoshayoga

July 29-August 5
Margherita Dal Prà

August 5-12
Silke Schäfer GmbH – Astrology, Wisdom Teaching and Meditation retreat

August 12-19
Andrea Karahalios LLC

August 19-26
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz – 2nd Week

August 26-September 2
Dr. Sandra-Luisa Moschner

September 2-9
Jody Cross – Epona Retreats

September 9-15
Sabrina Vinale for Yoga Days

September 16-23
True Nature Yoga and Wellness

September 23-30
Jane Macpherson Yoga Ltd.

September 30-October 7
Carla Elise Wainwright

October 7-14
Pranadia Das Studio – Nadia Zahner

October 14-21
Donna Williams for Emergencyoga

Calendar 2024

June 9-14
Cornelia Mainetti – Yoga Acht

September 7-14
Donna Williams for Emergencyoga

September 21-28
Melissa Spamer LLC


July 2-9, 2022

AWAKENING THE HEART - A RASA YOGA RETREAT A retreat is a beautiful gift you can give yourself, they are designed to help you slow down, unwind, and rest your energy level, as well as truly relax in your surroundings. So, you can return home feeling energised, refreshed and inspired by what you have learnt and practiced with like-minded people. (altro…)
3 Gennaio 2022
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November 12-19, 2022

PILGRIM’S HEART RETREAT If you’re ready to listen to your heart’s innermost desire, re-become the truest version of yourself, and amplify your soul’s gifts out into the world - then join me in divine Puglia on a pilgrim’s journey to the heart and a week of bliss filled with yoga, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, incredible food, nature and more. (altro…)
3 Gennaio 2022
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