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Retreats & Events

Calendar 2021-22-23

Calendar 2021

June 15-24

June 24-27
Tyler Micocci

June 28-July 3

July 3-10

July 10-17

July 17-24
My Private Retreat

July 24-31
The Sacred Temple Retreat – Michaela Diamanti

July 31-August 7

August 7-14
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz

August 14-21
My Private Retreat

August 24-28
Marco Cananzi, Damiana Chicco, Eleonora Santoro

August 28-September 4
Margherita Dal Prà

September 4-11
Madeira Giacci

September 11-18
Pranadia Das Studio – Nadia Zahner

September 18-25
ATAYA YOGA – Karolina Mackovà

September 25-October 2
Caya Retreats – Chelsea Fleming

October 2-9

October 9-16
Caroline Castner

October 16-23
Anchorage Yoga LLC – Katey Inman

October 23-30
Sara Blumenkranz & Andrea Lodico (NY)

October 30-November 6

November 6-13
Power Yoga Austria JK7 Spa & Wellness GmbH – Karin Sole

November 13-20
Cynthia Maher

November 20-27

Calendar 2022

April 2-9
Jane Thibodeau

April 9-16
Meredith Cameron Yoga

April 16-23

April 23-30

April 30-May 7
AnnaKathryn Carlson Yoga

May 9-14
Elisa Magni – Yogando Retreats LLC

May 14-21
Jurian Hughes & David Wallace

May 21-27/28
Yogaloft – Michael & Lina Thurnerr-Baggenstos

May 28-June 4
Lyne St-Roch Studios

June 4-10
YOGASITZ Luzern – Simone Zweifel

June 11-18
True Nature Yoga and Wellness for Nicki Doane

June 18-25
Marie Daphne Roy/Yoga Bhavana & Helene Doucet-Beauprè/Espace Metta

June 25-July 2
Jessica Chin Yoga

July 2-9
Jean Claude Rawady

July 9-16
Lisa Messina & Morgan Cowie

July 16-23
Jacqueline Godfrey for Mokshala Yoga Limited (Yoga & Meditation Center)

July 23-30
Aliya Sorgen for Exploring Balance

30 July-August 6
Margherita Dal Prà

August 6-13
Silke Schäfer GmbH – Astrology, Wisdom Teaching and Meditation retreat – 1st Week

August 13-20
Moon Body by Miriam Ropschitz

August 20-27
Silke Schäfer GmbH – Astrology, Wisdom Teaching and Meditation retreat – 2nd Week

August 27-September 3
Embalance (Liechtenstein) – Marisa Foser

September 3-10
Silke Moenchmeier for Get in Balance Yoga

September 10-17
Dr. Vroni Fischer, MBA & Brunhilde Kerschbaumer

September 17-24
True Nature Yoga and Wellness

September 24-October 1
Carla Elise Wainwright

October 1-8
Jane Thibodeau

October 8-15
Diana Perez & Linda Marchand

October 15-22
Tama Soble for Esther Myers Studio

October 22-29
Kava Yoga LCC for Cindy Zackney

October 29-November 5
Susan Anthony & Sarah Butler

November 5-12

November 12-19

November 19-26

Calendar 2023

April 29-May 6
Laura Le Feuvre & Bertie Jesson

May 20-27
Destination Yoga for Zoe Knott

June 17-24
Tamara James for Yogaphysio

June 24-July 1
Marie Daphne Roy/Yoga Bhavana & Helene Doucet-Beauprè/Espace Metta

July 1-8
Love Yoga Venice

July 8-15
Destination Yoga for Laura Gate Eastley

July 22-29
Andrea Kwiatkowski for Santoshayoga

August 5-12
Silke Schäfer GmbH – Astrology, Wisdom Teaching and Meditation retreat


September 25-October 2, 2021

Caya Retreats offers a safe, laid back space for guests to be themselves. Nature-bathe in an Italian forest, nourish your body with wholesome foods and surround yourself with a supportive community this September in Puglia, Italy. Interested in trauma based yoga? Us too. Trauma affects the entire human organism—body, mind, and spirit—in turn, the whole organism must be engaged in the healing process. We’ll use healing methods such as: yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and meditation to lessen our physical, mental and emotional pain. Retreat is inclusive and open to all humans. Retreat Info & Booking Instagram @cayaretreats
22 Dicembre 2020
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ARE YOU DREAMING OF YOUR NEXT ESCAPE? Picture this ... a 17th-century Monastery and farmhouse, located halfway between Adriatic and Ionic Seas. Fourteen acres of private property with a small church dating back to the 18th century, a beautiful Yoga Shala converted from an old stable, a private forest with a meditation path, and you by the tranquil blue swimming pool with a glass of wine. It sounds incredible, right! Join Katey Inman for an intimate 7 night/8 day yoga & meditation retreat set in the Valle D’Itria countryside. From locally sourced organic meals to guided excursions, we have taken…
22 Dicembre 2020
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NOVEMBER 13-20, 2021

Come experience "La Dolce Vita" in the south of Italy! This yoga retreat is a dream opportunity to escape from the ordinary and immerse yourself in a joyous, magical atmosphere that harmonizes the pleasures of the senses with a healthy lifestyle. (altro…)
22 Dicembre 2020
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