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October 23-29, 2023


I invite you to join my yoga retreat in this beautiful yoga center, La Rosa dei 4 Venti.
This retreat is for all practitioners of yoga to discover their own way of practicing this profound system movement, breath and philosophy. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, have injuries or particular things holding you back, Rémy will draw on of experience teaching Yoga and Meditation to shine a light on your yoga practice and help you discover something fresh, on yourself and your practice.

We can relax in this elegant and neat place where everything has been thought out for our comfort, in the middle of the trulli. The ideal place to retreat from the demands of modern life and to practice yoga.
We will have the pleasure of benefiting from a healthy food journey through the Italian culinary culture and heritage.

The day will start with a good yoga practice (Hatha or Ashtanga Yoga), followed by a hearty brunch, then a nature hike or a visit to a picturesque village. Perhaps we will prefer to rest on one of the beautiful beaches.
The afternoon and evening program will be flexible and varied, with some possibilities of workshops, like Partner Yoga.
The program is flexible and everyone can choose the activities that suit them every day. It is also possible to settle for just one yoga session a day in the morning, and to rest in the open-air swimming pool after the morning session.

The courses are given mainly in French (possibility of explanations in English if necessary).

For complete details contact me by or +32475907927.