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Katie Moore

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April 1-7, 2023

Katie Moore

The Temple
The Temple is for those who want to move slower through space and time. To really ground, honour, and fully embody every facet of who they are; the light and the dark, the embodied and the ascending, the dirty and the divine.
Inside The Temple, both time and limitations do not exist. It is here where you will embody pure liberation, free from the outside world; allowing the masks, conditioning, performance, labels, shame, and judgment to effortlessly melt away. This is a co-created space where we will come together in daily ceremony to learn, heal, and grow with and from one another.
This isn’t a fast track to ascension. This isn’t the ticket to a quantum leap. This isn’t fiercely bounding forward into the unknown hunting for shadows… This is a Temple infused with daily devotion, spacious practice, and deep self-exploration as you put one foot in front of the other, surrender, and walk into the feminine mystery.
This is a slow morning, walking barefoot in the meadow, and embodying pleasure guilt free kind of journey. One that is soft and feels like warm honey, like the summer sun kissing your bare skin, like the deepest full body exhale as you come home to yourself to reclaim your pleasure and your power.
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