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Constanze Lullies GmbH

By 3 Gennaio 2023No Comments

March 18-25, 2023

Constanze Lullies GmbH

Cultivate an open heart and mind in challenging times
Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat

In this retreat, you’ll learn various practices from traditional wisdom and cutting-edge research that will allow you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, with others and with nature.
You will learn how to cultivate an open heart and a clear mind in trying times, enabling you to create action from a deep sense of purpose.
Our teachings are based on the wisdom of various Buddhist schools, including the Vipassana and Mahayana Tradition, Yoga, classical pranayama and modern breathing practices, mind-body and functional medicine, coaching and 20 years of personal practice.
The retreat involves daily meditations, yoga and mindful movement, theoretical inputs and group sharing. It leaves time for you to relax or explore the beautiful surroundings. Parts of the retreat will be in silence.

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