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Veronique Aonzo for Eudaimonia Retreat

By 3 Gennaio 2022Gennaio 12th, 2022No Comments

September 17-24, 2022

Veronique Aonzo for Eudaimonia Retreat

Quadrilibrium Retreat
with Vee

Learn to heal yourself and release negative beliefs that keep you imprisoned.
Let go of destructive emotions, such as resentment, fear, depression, anger, failure, emotions, jealousy and hopelessness.
Connect to the wisdom of your body, learn to use your intuition, open your heart and experience Joy, Compassion, Clarity, relaxation and Love.
Discover your body’s innate intelligence and use it to create amazing transformation.
When you let go of the shell that covers your true nature, you discover the radiance of your authentic Self.
Only you have the power to change your life.

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