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Jessica Chin Yoga

By 3 Gennaio 2023No Comments

April 15-21, 2023

Jessica Chin Yoga


PUGLIA located in the southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot” is one of the country’s most famous regions! Known for miles of Mediterranean coastline; centuries-old farmland; ancient white-washed towns heavy with the tangible past; extravagant churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects; footprints of endless cultures stamped in stone, gold, and marble; groves of olive trees; and food that equals any in Italy!

Puglia’s rich culture and many amazing sights take its sheer delight to another level! Puglia is fun and incredible, no matter what you want or who you are. Plunge deep into simple Italian pleasures and Italy’s spirit while renewing your own. Come join me on this epic adventure!

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