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Matthew Giordano

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April 23-30, 2022

Matthew Giordano

Rejuvenate and Immerse yourself in the Yoga Practice

Get away from it all and focus on yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to recharge your emotional, mental and physical body. You will advance your physical yoga practice, while learning the rejuvenating practices of breathwork and meditation. Each day provides you with something new for your practice while offering a luxurious open schedule after brunch to allow you to explore relaxation by the pool, walks on the property train, or excursions to the cities of Puglia.

Journey to Bliss is a carefully crafted immersion providing you with a path to unwind, untangle and release mental, physical and emotional patterns that cause stress, fatigue and burn out. This experience is designed to bring you back to the core state of being, Ananda (Bliss). As the yoga tradition teaches, we all have a powerful source of energy within us that gets muted by the business of our day to day agenda. With this retreat you will. learn the tools to get reconnected to the Bliss within you, and you will learn how to maintain it through specific practices that can be utilized when needed.

Together we will practice the trifecta of yoga practice: Asana, meditation, and breathwork. You will receive careful instruction for all three practices in order to provide you with the utmost proficiency and efficacy.

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