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Impact Yoga – Kirsten van den Akker

By 3 Gennaio 2022Gennaio 13th, 2022No Comments

November 27-December 3, 2022

Impact Yoga – Kirsten van den Akker

Women’s Yin Yoga Nature Retreat – Embody the Elements

Ever wondered why we as humans are drawn to nature? Why nature is able to fill us with joy, calm and leaves us feeling recharged? It is because we, as humans, are part of that nature.

This year soften into your feminie yin energy as you retreat into nature in beautiful Puglia, ITALY!

Connect with the five elements of nature around you to the elements of nature that live inside you as you discover how the specific healing properties of each element can support and empower you. Each day is dedicated to a specific element of nature and translated into your yin yoga practice of the day, on and off the mat.

Root down and experience the stability of the earth, breathe in the element of air, flow with the energy of water, embrace the transformational power of fire, and feel what it is like to be held, as your women within, in the element of space.

Join Kirsten from Impact Yoga this winter and dive into a soft, deeply nourishing week together with women of all ages. An experience that stays with you long after the retreat.