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Elisa Magni – Yogando Retreats LLC

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May 9-14, 2022

Elisa Magni – Yogando Retreats LLC

Our Retreat is your opportunity to discover or to deepen a clear pathway to healing your digestive issues, to feel more in tune with your doshas, the Ayurveda way.
Immerse in the stunning Italian countryside, you will learn alongside incredible teachers like Rich and Kate.

They will uncover:
– How to heal with a truly holistic approach from Ayurveda, what that means and why Ayurveda will work for all body types and its healing will last for long.
– How to enjoy more satisfaction and variety in your diet, eating seasonal and farm to table food, locally produced.
– How to empower yourself for lasting change.

You are not alone in the desire to feel better. There are so many others out there who want to live a natural lifestyle and create a vibrant health.
We are here to support you. To offer you inspiration, insight and presence all the way to the healing process.
When you will start to learn about how food is digested and what actually takes place in the body from the perspective of Ayurveda, while nourished from a solid yoga practice, then everything will make more sense.
You will feel better.
Your health will swift.

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