June 12-19, 2021

AnnaKathryn Carlson Yoga

You guys! This region! Heart-eyes emojis x1000! This place is my soul home. When visiting last summer I felt an immediate connection, I found out after my trip that my Italian roots are from this specific region! Italy will invite you to slow down and enjoy ‘the sweet life. We’ll be in the ‘heel of the boot’, the region of Apulia, where the Europeans go on holiday. Here you’ll find serene countryside with olive groves and farms, stunning coastline, traditional architecture unique to the area, food, wine and laid-back charm. Located on 14 acres of farm land, our home for the week is a beautifully restored 16th century farmhouse. Allow the languid pace, tranquil setting and daily yoga peel back life’s layers and inspire a deep sigh for your entire being.

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