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Allison Kesley for Inspire Yoga Coaching and Training

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June 19-26, 2021

Allison Kesley for Inspire Yoga Coaching and Training

Goddess, are you hearing the call?

As women we are blessed that we naturally cycle with the moon, with the seasons and with the different phases of being a woman, from maidenhood, to mother, to medicine woman to wise woman. (Even if we do not birth a child, we still move through the mother phase as part of our souls development).

It is said that when a woman cycles monthly, every month she has the potential to give birth to a new life. However, as a woman moves towards the years where her cycles become less and eventually stop – it is said then at this time a woman has the potential to finally give birth to her true self.

This is a time for us to pause, soften, slow down in some ways (i.e. get of the treadmill off outer achievements, obligations etc) and instead turn within for our wisdom. The softness, the listening, the inner knowing that brings with it tremendous power.

A woman who knows who she is and stands in her truth is powerful.

Not over another.

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When we know our truth, we are no longer concerned by others opinions or looking for outer validations.

In this was we become confident, vibrant, energised, soft and powerful.