July 4-11, 2020

Lisa Messina & Morgan Cowie

Reclaiming Wonder: A retreat with Lisa Messina and Morgan Cowie

Morgan Cowie and Lisa Messina are teaming up for the second time to offer a retreat designed specifically for you to come back home. Reunite with the simple delight and wonder experienced when approaching life with curiosity, courage, and vulnerability.

Treat your body to a delicious balance of dynamic movement and healing therapeutics. Treat your heart and mind with the deeper tenets of the practice which return us to compassion and joy.

Morgan and Lisa each bring more than a decade of study in various forms of holistic healing practices including yoga, pilates, self-massage, functional movement, dance, therapeutics, philosophy, psychotherapy, breathing practices and meditation. This retreat is suitable for those of all levels of practice.

Sometimes we need to step out of routine and allow ourselves to be captivated by a place that is at once both wondrously different and somehow achingly familiar. Sometimes, we need to go away to truly come home.

At our center, we are as joyful as children and have an innate capacity to receive all the gifts – large and small – the world has to offer. In the beauty of Puglia, Italy, we will rediscover our ability to feel vital, whole, and at home with ourselves.

$1977.50 CAD ($1750 plus HST) for triple accommodation
$2260.00 CAD($2000 plus HST) for double accommodation
$2712 CAD ($2400 plus HST) for single accommodation

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